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Changing Lives Forever

The need in our community is great, and the opportunity to deliver this therapy is within our reach. Whether it is provided to a child, teenager, or adult dealing with autism, depression, debilitating disease, or any other life challenge, equine assisted therapy can improve and even transform lives.

Those who participate in equine assisted therapy make an emotional connection with the horse and with others, find confidence and self-esteem, and improve physical capacity.

Dawson's Story

Dawson is a local teenager with muscular dystrophy who entered our therapeutic riding program three years ago. Looking back, his parents now say that they never could have imagined the transformative power of the program...and neither could Dawson. Other therapeutic programs had been unsuccessful in producing results, leaving the family heartbroken and with little hope.

When Dawson was only two years into our therapeutic riding program under STAR Riding, and while undergoing no other form of therapy Dawson's doctors were amazed to find that he had gained 10% improvement in his core strength. During this time, he also improved his ability to follow directions and act more independently.

Dawson's confidence and focus returned... and Dawson returned to the world around him. Even more exciting, he went from a second grade reading level to a tenth grad reading level. Dawson has been able to reintegrate with his peers and has now just completed his school exams and graduated.

Dawson is just one example of the dramatic impact that therapeutic riding can have on the lives of those who need us most!

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